Simon Powers


  • Nils Weibel

    Nils Weibel

  • Gus Irisa

    Gus Irisa

    Agile Coach that promotes awareness to shift teams and individuals to better ways of working and create effectiveness in the workplace

  • Lars Meskestad

    Lars Meskestad

  • Brett Jarman

    Brett Jarman

    On a journey to unlock what it means to be human-centric.

  • Philippe Bourgeon

    Philippe Bourgeon

  • Steven Crossland

    Steven Crossland

  • Gianluca Gambatesa

    Gianluca Gambatesa

    Conversation Designer, Facilitator, Consultant.

  • Anamaria Ghenciu

    Anamaria Ghenciu

    Coach | Scrum Master | Author | Progress Facilitator — Bringing value to daily interactions. Enthusiastically.

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