Change. A book about creating exceptional organisations.

Change. by Simon Powers

I am writing this book chapter by chapter and releasing them periodically on Medium. I have an outline for the book, but I am reserving the right to change it as I go along!!


The word change can be a verb or a noun. It can also be an instruction or demand. Each of these meanings of the word is relevant for the book.

The book has a full stop after the word. This is deliberate.


  1. Introduction
    The introduction gives an explanation of why I have written this book.
  2. The basics of agility
    Provides an alternative view of agility through the eyes of the mindset and the agile onion.
  3. Defining attributes of exceptional organisations
    Building upon the basics of agility, this chapter covers the key attributes of what makes organisations successful.
  4. A 600-year adventure
    A story about the history of change and what the key ingredients are for a major shift in organisational redesign. This is why agility is happening now.
  5. The AWA Playbook
    A high-level walkthrough of the AWA playbook. Moving from the narrative of the 600-year story to the practice of how we can make use of this in our organisations now.
  6. Leadership
    Leadership is the largest lever we have to enable change. We always start with the leadership team.
  7. Defining the scope of the change: Building Real Teams
    Untangling dependencies and uncovering human systems. Who will be affected by the change?
  8. Ethics
    Using ethics as heuristics to guide us to the best holistic outcomes. Ethics are our constraints and attractors in the complexity of human systems.
  9. Decision making
    This is a rather special chapter in that I have recorded it in a series of 5-minute videos.
    Part 1: Deciding as a system not as individuals
    Part 2: How to facilitate group decision-making
    Part 3: Creating a safe space, equality, and diversity
    Part 4: Helping others see the need for safety
    Part 5: Creating purpose, enabling constraints and inviting the right people
    Part 6: Coming soon…
  10. Leadership, Structure, Culture
    An explanation into the left-hand loop of the playbook
  11. Professional Coaching
    Explore the role that Professional Coaching plays in organisational change
  12. Systemic Coaching and Facilitation
    Building upon Professional Coaching, this chapter defines a system and shows how we create and coach one
  13. Entry
    A deep dive into Entry and creating the best chance of success at the outset. Describes how to include the right people and how descale the organisation.
  14. Experiments
    A deep look into the right-hand wheel of The Playbook. This is the ‘engine’ of the change. A continuous generation of experiments that is the change itself.
  15. Examples
    Real examples of experiments, coaching, and facilitation exercise to try. Case studies of work.
  16. The Future
    What lies ahead for us? What about other systems such as politics and nationalistic boundaries?