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Change. Chapter 9. Decision Making part 1

Deciding as a system and not only as individuals

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And all the roads we have to walk are winding
And all the lights that lead us there are blinding
Oasis: Wonderwall

I have been largely distracted from writing my book for the last couple of months focusing instead on building the 100 Thought Leader Program and a deep coaching retreat.

In the interest of keeping things moving, I thought I would release a short video on my introduction to this chapter on decision-making.

Important learning point: We operate from a system, not a single voice.

Next part of the decision-making chapter is annoyingly on the next page due to a limitation of medium and not being able to embed two videos in one page.

Part 1: This page
Part 2: How to facilitate group decision-making
Part 3: Creating a safe space, equality, and diversity
Part 4: Helping others see the need for safety
Part 5: Creating purpose, enabling constraints and inviting the right people
Part 6: Coming soon…

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